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SQL Server 2000

The MSdistribution_agents table contains one row for each Distribution Agent running at the local Distributor. This table is stored in the distribution database.

Column name Data type Description
id int ID of the Distribution Agent.
name nvarchar(100) Name of the Distribution Agent.
publisher_database_id int ID of the Publisher database.
publisher_id smallint ID of the Publisher.
publisher_db sysname Name of the Publisher database.
publication sysname Name of the publication.
subscriber_id smallint ID of the Subscriber, used by well-known agents only. For anonymous agents, this column is reserved.
subscriber_db sysname Name of the subscription database.
subscription_type int Type of subscription:

0 = Push
1 = Pull
2 = Anonymous

local_job bit Indicates whether there is a SQL Server Agent job on the local Distributor.
job_id binary(16) Job identification number.
subscription_guid binary(16) ID of the subscriptions of this agent.
profile_id int Configuration ID from the MSagent_profiles table.
anonymous_subid uniqueidentifier ID of an anonymous agent.
subscriber_name sysname Name of the Subscriber, used by anonymous agents only.
virtual_agent_id int For internal use only.
anonymous_agent_id int For internal use only.
creation_date datetime Datetime when the Distribution or Merge Agent was created.
queue_id sysname Identifier to locate the queue for queued updating subscriptions. For non-queued subscriptions, the value is NULL. For Microsoft Message Queuing-based publications, the value is a GUID that uniquely identifies the queue to be used for the subscription. For SQL Server-based queue publications, the column contains the value SQL.
queue_status int For internal use only.
offload_enabled bit Indicates whether the agent can be activated remotely. 0 specifies the agent cannot be activated remotely. 1 specifies the agent will be activated remotely, and on the remote computer specified in the offload_server property.
offload_server sysname Network name of server to be used for remote agent activation.
dts_package_name sysname Name of the DTS package. For example, to specify a package of DTSPub_Package, the parameter would be @dts_package_name = N'DTSPub_Package'.
dts_package_password nvarchar(524) Password on the package, if there is one. If NULL, means a password is not on the package.
dts_package_location int Package location. The location of the package can be distributor or subscriber.
sid varbinary(85) Security identification number (SID) for the Distribution Agent or Merge Agent during its first execution.

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