Windows Mobile 6.5
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This macro begins in-place editing of the specified list-view item's text. The message implicitly selects and focuses the specified item. You can use this macro or send the LVM_EDITLABEL message explicitly.

HWND ListView_EditLabel( 
  HWND hwnd, 
  int iItem 


Handle to the list-view control.


Index of the list-view item. To cancel editing, set iItem to –1.

The handle to the edit control that is used to edit the item text indicates success. NULL indicates failure.

When the user completes or cancels editing, the edit control is destroyed and the handle is no longer valid. You can safely subclass the edit control, but you should not destroy it.

The control must have the focus before you send this message to the control. Focus can be set using the SetFocus function.

Related message: LVM_EDITLABEL

Windows Embedded CEWindows CE 1.0 and later
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