Windows Mobile 6.5
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This function determines which, if any, of the child windows belonging to a parent window contains the specified point.

HWND ChildWindowFromPoint( 
  HWND hWndParent, 
  POINT Point 


[in] Handle to the parent window.


[in] Specifies a POINT structure that defines the client coordinates of the point to be checked.

A handle to the child window that contains the point, even if the child window is hidden or disabled, indicates success. A handle to the parent window indicates that the point is within the parent window but not within any child window. A handle to the parent window can also indicate that the point is in the non-client area.

The ChildWindowFromPoint function is conditionally included in the Winuser.h file if the Windows Embedded CE operating system is built to contain include files and import libraries from Microsoft® Platform Builder.

The system maintains an internal list, containing the handles of the child windows associated with a parent window. The order of the handles in the list depends on the z-order of the child windows. If more than one child window contains the specified point, the system returns a handle to the first window in the list that contains the point.

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