Keyboard Drivers

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The keyboard driver converts input from the keyboard hardware into keyboard events that the driver enters into the Graphics, Windowing, and Events Subsystem (GWES). The driver is also responsible for generating the proper Unicode characters from these keyboard events. Windows Embedded CE keyboard drivers encapsulate mouse drivers.

For All Platforms:

Keyboard Driver Development Concepts

Explains basic development concepts for keyboard drivers.

Keyboard Driver Reference

Provides reference information for the keyboard driver IOCTLs, functions, and associated structures.

For Windows Embedded CE:

Keyboard Driver Registry Settings

Provides the default registry settings for keyboard drivers.

Keyboard Driver Migration

Provides migration information for moving a keyboard driver from one version of Windows Embedded CE to another.

Keyboard Driver Samples

Provides the location for keyboard driver samples.

Power Management

Describes the power management capabilities provided by Windows Embedded CE.

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