Windows Mobile 6.5
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This method is implemented to select the input method (IM) out of the software-based input panel window and to destroy the IM windows.

HRESULT Deselect(void);

Return S_OK to indicate success. Return the appropriate HRESULT value to indicate failure.

This method is called before IUnknown::Release is called on the IInputMethod pointer. This method provides an IM a place to perform cleanup activities, such as destroying windows and pointers. This method, along with the IUnknown::Release call, is the only notification that an IM receives that it is to be unloaded.

Do not call the IIMCallback::SetImInfo method within the implementation of IInputMethod::Deselect. If you call IIMCallback::SetImInfo, the IM fails to notify applications about the window and workspaces for the IM, which can cause the IM window to overlay application workspace.

Windows Embedded CEWindows CE 2.01 and later
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