Graph Building with Intelligent Connect

Windows Mobile 6.5
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Intelligent Connect is one of the processes or mechanisms by which the Filter Graph Manager can be used to automatically build a filter graph or part of a filter graph. By looking at this process, we can better understand some of the fundamentals of the DirectShow architecture, and also see the basic steps that will be involved if it is ever necessary for an application to build all or part of a filter graph manually, as might be the case if you are using custom filters or want to ensure that a particular filter gets inserted into the graph.

One place where a process similar to Intelligent Connect is used is in the RenderFile method on the Filter Graph Manager's IGraphBuilder interface. After creating an instance of the Filter Graph Manager and obtaining an IGraphBuilder interface pointer, an application can call RenderFile, passing in a file name as one of the parameters, and the Filter Graph Manager will create the correct type of graph for rendering that file, based on the file extension (WAV, MP3, MPG, and so on).

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