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Windows Mobile 6.5
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This message retrieves the attributes of a list-view control column. You can send this message explicitly or by using the ListView_GetColumn macro.

LVM_GETCOLUMN wParam = (WPARAM)(int) iCol; 
    lParam = (LPARAM)(LV_COLUMN FAR *) pcol;


Index of the column.


Pointer to an LVCOLUMN structure that specifies the data to retrieve and receives data about the column. The mask member specifies which column attributes to retrieve.

If the mask member specifies the LVCF_TEXT value, the pszText member must contain the address of the buffer that receives the item text and the cchTextMax member must specify the size of the buffer.

TRUE indicates success. FALSE indicates failure.

Windows Embedded CEWindows CE 1.0 and later
Windows MobileWindows Mobile Version 5.0 and later

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