Supported DirectShow Filters

Windows Mobile 6.5
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The following table lists the supported Microsoft DirectShow filters.

Filter Function

Filter Categories

Shows the class identifiers (CLSIDs) for the standard filter categories.

ACM Wrapper Filter

Acts as a container for the Audio Compression Manager (ACM), integrating the ACM with the DirectShow architecture. This allows codecs supported by the ACM to be used in DirectShow.

The ACM Wrapper filter supports the following ACM stream codecs:

  • GSM 6.10
  • G.711
  • MP3

Audio Capture Filter

Represents audio capture device.

Audio Renderer (WaveOut) Filter

A generic audio rendering filter that you can connect to the output of any of the following filters, if they contain WAV audio:

  • File source (Async)
  • File source (URL)
  • MPEG-1 stream splitter
  • AVI splitter
  • WAVE parser
  • Any audio transform filter

AVI Decompressor Filter

The AVI Decompressor filter decompresses AVI input and generates suitable output for a video rendering filter or an intervening video transform filter.

AVI Splitter Filter

The AVI Splitter filter is used for the playback of AVI files. It accepts data in AVI format and splits it into its constituent streams for further processing and/or rendering.

Buffering Filter

This filter creates a temporary first-in-first-out storage for captured data. It allows recently captured frames be queued up while previously captured frame are processed in the filter graph. You can control it with the IBuffering Interface interface.

Color Space Converter Filter

This transform filter converts from one RGB color type to another RGB type, such as between 24-bit and 8-bit RGB color. Since this type of conversion is generally handled more efficiently within a video decompressor, the main use of the Color Space Converter is when the stream source consists of uncompressed RGB frames.

DMO WMV Encoder

Supports video capture in the WMV format. The DMO Wrapper Filter is required to use this object.

DMO Wrapper Filter

Enables an application to use a DirectX Media Object (DMO) within a filter graph.

File Source (Async) Filter

This is a generic asynchronous source filter that works with any source file whose media major type is stream. These files include AVI, MOV, MPEG, and WAV files.

Image Sink Filter

This filter is used to render still images and is the interface to the Imaging API. For more information, see Video Capture.

MPEG-1 Layer 1 and 2 Audio Codec

The MPEG Audio Decoder filter decompresses MPEG-1 layers 1 and 2 audio data.

MS RLE Video Codec

Support for the Microsoft run-length encoded (RLE) video codec.

Smart Tee Filter

The Smart Tee filter is used in video capture graphs to split the video stream into a preview stream and a capture stream. This is done without any additional data copying. The output pins support whatever media types are supported on the downstream connection.

Video Capture Filter

Represents a video capture device.

WAVE/AIFF/au/snd File Parser

The WAVE Parser filter parses WAV-format audio data from .wav, .au, or .aif files.

WM ASF Writer Filter

The WM ASF Writer is a filter for a file writer object for Windows Media formats.


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