Windows Mobile 6.5
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For Windows Mobile devices, the SHGetEmergencyCallList function gets a list of emergency numbers. The caller needs to allocate adequate buffer space to store phone numbers and pass a pointer to it as pwszBuffer.

This function is not implemented for Windows Embedded CE-based devices. It is provided as a stub in the operating system (OS) for application compatibility. This function will return E_NOTIMPL for Windows Embedded CE OS versions.

HRESULT SHGetEmergencyCallList(
  TCHAR* pwszBuffer,
  UINT uLenBuf


Reference to the buffer that receives the emergency call list.


Length of the buffer, in TCHARs.

NOERROR indicates success. E_INVALIDARG indicates inadequate buffer space.

Emergency numbers are those that can be dialed any time, even when the device is locked. Upon successful return of this API, pwszBuffer will contain a list of the emergency numbers that are supported, which will be separated by NULL ('\0') characters. The list is terminated by two NULL characters.

Windows Embedded CEWindows CE 3.0 and later
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