Windows Mobile 6.5
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This macro scrolls the content of a list-view control. You can use this macro or send the LVM_SCROLL message explicitly.

BOOL ListView_Scroll( 
  HWND hwnd, 
  int dx, 
  int dy 


Handle to the list-view control.


Specifies the amount of horizontal scrolling in pixels. If the list-view control is in list view, this value specifies the number of columns to scroll.


Specifies the amount of vertical scrolling in pixels.

TRUE indicates success. FALSE indicates failure.

When the list-view control is in report view, the control can only be scrolled vertically in whole line increments. Therefore, the dy parameter will be rounded to the nearest number of pixels that form a whole line increment. For example, if the height of a line is 16 pixels and 8 is passed for dy, the list will be scrolled by 16 pixels (1 line). If 7 is passed for dy, the list will be scrolled 0 pixels (0 lines).

Related message: LVM_SCROLL

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