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With the Createmui Tool (Createmui.bat), you can create resource files for the Multilingual User Interface (MUI), taking advantage of the MUI functionality that allows an end user to change the language of the user interface (UI). For more information, see Multilingual User Interface (MUI) Application Development.

createmui <LCID>


Specifies the hexadecimal value of the locale identifier that you want to set.

When you execute Createmui.bat, it performs the following actions:

  1. If a %_FLATRELEASEDIR%\Multiui.bib file is present in your OS design, Createmui deletes it.
  2. Createmui examines the entries in binary resource (.loc) files that are present in your OS design and then calls BuildMUIDII.bat for each directory listed.
  3. Createmui copies .mui files in %_FLATRELEASEDIR%\<LCI> into %_FLATRELEASEDIR%.
  4. Createmui has <LCID> passed in as a parameter, and creates a new %_FLATRELEASEDIR%\Multiui.bib.
  5. After Createmui executes, copy the contents of Multiui.bib into the FILES section of Project.bib.
    This ensures that the build system includes the new resource files in the run-time image.

The following command passes the parameter 0x0407 to Createmui.bat, resulting in the creation of a MUI resource page for the German (Germany) locale.

createmui 0x0407

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