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matches Method

Windows Mobile 6.5
A version of this page is also available for

Checks if the node that is passed is contained in the current collection.

            objXMLDOMNode = objXMLDOMSelection.matches(objXMLDOMNode);

HRESULT matches(
  IXMLDOMNode* pNode,
  IXMLDOMNode** ppNode


[in] The node that is passed in.


[out, retval] Boolean result.


Value returned if method successful.


Value returned if pNode=NULL.

An error for cases that are not allowed, as outlined in the Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) specification (applied to ID, IDREF, and Ancestor).

Headermsxml2.h, msxml2.idl
Windows Embedded CEWindows CE .NET 4.0 and later

When matches is called with node A, it returns node B such that if B was set as the context on a query, A is in the result set of the query. If no such B node is found, matches returns Null.

The matches method does not take into account the current context of the query.

This method applies to the following objects and interfaces:


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