Windows Mobile 6.5
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This message is sent by an application when the window background must be erased, for example, when a window is resized. The message is sent to prepare an invalidated portion of a window for painting.

WM_ERASEBKGND hdc = (HDC) wParam;


Handle to the device context.

An application should return nonzero if it erases the background; otherwise, it should return zero.

The DefWindowProc function erases the background by using the class background brush specified by the hbrBackground member of the WNDCLASS. If hbrBackground is NULL, the application should process the WM_ERASEBKGND message and erase the background.

An application should return nonzero in response to WM_ERASEBKGND if it processes the message and erases the background; this indicates that no further erasing is required. If the application returns zero, the window will remain marked for erasing. (Typically, this indicates that the fErase member of the PAINTSTRUCT structure will be TRUE.)

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