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This structure contains and receives list-view item information that is needed to display a ToolTip for an item. This structure is used with the LVN_GETINFOTIP notification message.

typedef struct tagNMLVGETINFOTIP {
  NMHDR hdr;
  DWORD dwFlags;
  LPTSTR pszText;
  int cchTextMax;
  int iItem;
  int iSubItem;
  LPARAM lParam;


NMHDR structure that contains information on this notification message.


Either zero or LVGIT_UNFOLDED which indicates that the label of the listview item is not truncated or unfolded.


Address of a string buffer that receives any additional text information. If dwFlags is zero, this member will contain the existing item text. In this case, you should append any additional text onto the end of this string. The size of this buffer is specified by the cchTextMax value.


Size, in characters, of the buffer pointed to by pszText. Although you should never assume that this buffer will be of any particular size, the INFOTIPSIZE value can be used for design purposes.


Zero-based index of the item to which this structure refers.


One-based index of the subitem to which this structure refers. If this member is zero, the structure is referring to the item and not a subitem. This member is not currently used and will always be zero.


Application-defined value associated with the item. This member is not currently used and will always be zero.

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