Assisted TAPI

Windows Mobile 6.5
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The prototypes defined in the Astdtapi.h file are used by applications to make telephone calls without requiring the details of the services of the full Telephony API. Assisted Telephony and the full Telephony API are used and implemented in different ways, so it is not advised to mix Assisted Telephony function calls and Telephony API function calls within a single application.

The Telephony API is jointly copyrighted by Intel and Microsoft. You are granted a royalty-free worldwide, unlimited license to make copies, and use the API/SPI for making applications/drivers that interface with the specification provided that this paragraph and the Intel/Microsoft copyright statement is maintained as is in the text and source code files.

The following element is associated with Assisted TAPI:

For Windows Mobile Professional, assisted TAPI functionality carries over to CDMA mobile devices.