Internet Explorer 6 MSHTML/DHTML API

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The Microsoft® HTML parsing and rendering engine (MSHTML) is the main HTML component of the Microsoft Internet Explorer Web browser. It hosts Microsoft ActiveX® controls and supports the OLE Control 1996 (OC96) specification for windowless controls. You can also use the MSHTML/DHTML API to provide browser functionality to your own applications.

Internet Explorer MSHTML/DHTML API OS Design Development

Provides information about the components and modules that implement MSHTML/DHTML API functionalities, Sysgen variables that enable these functionalities, and how to replace MSHTML user interface

Internet Explorer MSHTML/DHTML API Application Development

Provides information about how a Windows Embedded CE-based application can use MSHTML/DHTML API

Internet Explorer MSHTML/DHTML API Registry Settings

Provides information about the registry settings that enable and configure MSHTML/DHTML API functionalities in your OS design

Internet Explorer MSHTML/DHTML API Migration

Provides information about the changes in MSHTML/DHTML API that you have to know when you migrate this functionality from one version of Windows Embedded CE to another

Internet Explorer MSHTML/DHTML API Samples

Describes sample code that shows MSHTML/DHTML API

Internet Explorer MSHTML/DHTML Reference

Provides reference information about the MSHTML/DHTML API programming elements that are available for use in Windows Embedded CE-based browser applications

Internet Explorer Support Components

Provides links to topics that contain information about the underlying support components of the browser application and other applications

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