Local Authentication Subsystem (LASS)

Windows Mobile 6.5
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The Local Authentication Subsystem (LASS) provides the infrastructure that enables user authentication independent of the application and the specific authentication mechanism. Password authentication provides only one option, a password, for verification. However, LASS allows you to support sophisticated authentication mechanisms, such as biometrics. In addition, you can use LASS functionality to specify event-based policies to authenticate users.

LASS Application Development

Provides specific instructions for the developer of an application that uses LASS.

Configuring LASS

Provides instructions for configuring a device to use LASS.

LASS Security

Provides security information and best practices for LASS.

LASS Registry Settings

Defines LASS and LAP registry settings.

LASS Samples

Describes LASS and LAP samples.

LASS Reference

Describes the LASS application programming interface (API) components, including the functions exported by a LAP.

Security for Windows Mobile Devices

Describes how you can add security to your applications using services which include Cryptography, Certificates, and Smart Card.

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