Credential Manager

Windows Mobile 6.5
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Credential Manager is one of several authentication services which can be used to authenticate clients accessing remote resources. Credential Manager, specifically, deals with managing credential information such as user names and passwords.

Credential Manager provides storage for cached credentials, and enables the sharing of common credentials. A credential represents information used to access resources on behalf of a user. An example of a user credential is the password of a domain user that is used to access remote file shares.

Credential Manager OS Design Development

Contains information about modules that implement credential manager and how you can create type providers.

Credential Manager Application Development

Contains information about the default credential types and type providers that are implemented by credential manager.

Credential Manager Registry Settings

Describes the registry settings that are necessary to customize this functionality in your device.

Credential Manager Security

Provides security information about credential manager in Windows Embedded CE and best practices for its implementation.

Credential Manager Migration

Provides information that you need to know to migrate this functionality from one version of Windows Embedded CE to another.

Credential Manager Reference

Contains descriptions of the programming elements in credential manager.

Authentication Services

Provides information about using authentication technologies in Windows Embedded CE. This section includes Security Support Provider Interface (SSPI) and Security Support Providers (SSPs).

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