Windows Mobile 6.5
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Certificates enable users to provide enhanced security in communications by providing a common credential to verify identity.

Windows Mobile only supports client certificates using its wireless authentication components. Machine certificates are not supported.

Certificates Reference

Contains descriptions of the certificates programming elements.

Certificates Registry Settings

Describes the registry settings that are necessary to configure this functionality in your device.

Certificates Application Development

Provides information about encoding and decoding a certificate, and how to manage certificates with certificate stores, in addition to listing all of the supported certificates APIs.

Certificates Security

Provides security information about certificates in Windows Embedded CE and best practices for implementation.

Certificates and CryptoAPI

Provides detailed information about the information provided in a standard certificate supported by the CryptoAPI.

Certificate Extended Properties

Describes the properties of CryptoAPI certificates that can be added or modified.

Encoding and Decoding a Certificate Context

Describes how the CryptoAPI codes and decodes context in a certificate.

Security for Windows Mobile Devices

Describes how you can add security to your applications using services which include Cryptography, Certificates, and Smart Card.

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