Dropped Connection UI GPRS and 1xRTT

Windows Mobile 6.5
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When the radio loses signal or service, you must send a notification from RIL that the GPRS/1xRTT connection has been dropped or lost. The notification is required for proper behavior when the connection is regained. Connection Manager propagates the information to the applications so that when the connection is reestablished, and a download was interrupted, the user gets the option to resume downloading.

If no notification of the event is sent from RIL that reports GPRS as disconnected when it loses signal, there is no UI prompt asking the user if they want to continue downloading. It just resumes once signal is regained.

Connection Manager needs notification from the radio that the connectivity is gone. If connection manager is notified when the connection is lost, then the following sequence will take place:

  1. Go to a site and start downloading a file.
  2. The device loses it's signal for a couple of minutes.
  3. The device regains a signal.
  4. The UI asking if the user wants to resume downloading displays.

If connection manager is not notified when the connection is lost, then when the connection is reestablished there is no UI asking if the user wants to resume downloading. The GPRS appears to come back but the download is not resumed. Clicking another file gives a File already downloading message. The download has to be stopped and restarted.

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