Cellcore Catalog Items

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The following table shows the Catalog items for Cellcore.

Catalog item Sysgen Variable Description

Cellular Communications (Cellcore)


Default CELLCORE configuration including CELLTSP, RIL, SIM, SIMTKIT, SMS, WAP, WWAN, and 710MUX.

Cellular Telephony API (TAPI) Service Provider


Brings in CellTSP.dll, the cellular TAPI Service Provider

Event Log


Sysgen and includes EventLog.dll and associated registry settings. This logging mechanism is intended to capture targeted events.

RIL Proxy


Sysgen and includes Ril.dll, Rilgsm.dll, and corresponding registry settings. These represent the proxy and driver components.

RIL Proxy Log


Sysgen and includes Rillog.dll and associated registry settings. This enables RIL proxy logging. This is a very useful tool to debug the RIL API

SIM Manager


This enables the (Subscriber Identity Module) SIM Manager API which enables access to information stored on a SIM. Includes simdrv.dll sim.dll, and associated registry settings

SIM Toolkit


Components to enable handling and display of SIM application toolkit (SAT, or SIM toolkit) functionality. Includes simtkit.dll tkitapp.exe, simtkuice.dll and associated registry settings.

Short Message Providers (SMS)


This enables the (Short Message System) SMS Manager API which enables sending and receiving short messages over a cellular network. Includes sms.dll smsdrv.dll, sms_providers.dll, and associated registry settings.

Wireless Access Protocol (WAP)


This enables the (Wireless Access protocol) WAP stack (WTP, WTLS, WDP) and API. Includes wap.dll wapdrv.dll, and associated registry settings.

Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN)


Sysgens and includes wwan.dll (NDIS-based GSM/GPRS interface). It pulls in NDSIUIO and VEM sysgens as well.

710 Multiplexer Driver


Includes mux07_10.dll, the serial port multiplexer implemented as per 3GPP TS 07.10 version 7.2.0 Release 1998. Currently used with Enfora radio module through RIL driver.

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