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LASS Application Development

Windows Mobile 6.5
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Security services include the Local Authentication Subsystem (LASS), which enables user authentication independent of the application and the specific authentication mechanism. LASS allows you to support sophisticated authentication mechanisms, such as biometrics, as well as event-based policies to authenticate users. For more information about how LASS differs from the traditional password-based authentication schemes in previous versions of Windows Mobile, see Local Authentication Subsystem (LASS).

This section includes specific instructions for the application developer. A basic application creates a new AE to guard an action, such as starting the application, and then calls VerifyUser. Depending on your needs, your application can use the default password LAP or a customized LAP. The application can also create its own custom AEs to control the policies for user verification.

Enrolling Users

Contains programming instructions to use for user enrollment.

Verifying Users

Contains instructions to use for user verification, installing an AE, and setting an AE policy.

Handling Registry Changes

Contains instructions for handling registry changes programmatically.

Local Authentication Subsystem (LASS)

Describes the LASS infrastructure that enables application-independent and authentication mechanism-independent user authentication.

LASS Samples

Describes the sample applications; password LAP, Smartcard LAP, and a utility sample (LASSCTL) that enables you to configure and test LASS and its associated LAPs.

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