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This structure identifies the key used to sign a certificate. The CERT_AUTHORITY_KEY_ID_INFO structure differentiates among distinct keys used by the same certification authority (CA) as, for example, keys changed when an update occurs.

The key can be identified by an explicit key identifier, by giving a certificate's issuer and serial number, or by giving both. If both are used, the certificate issuer must ensure that the explicit key identifier, the certificate issuer, and the serial number are consistent.

The CryptDecodeObject function creates an instance of this structure when performed on a CERT_EXTENSION structure's Value member with the structure's pszObjId member set to szOID_AUTHORITY_KEY_IDENTIFIER.

An instance of this structure can be used as input to the CryptEncodeObject function to create an appropriate CERT_EXTENSION structure.

typedef struct _CERT_AUTHORITY_KEY_ID_INFO {
  CERT_NAME_BLOB CertIssuer;
  CRYPT_INTEGER_BLOB CertSerialNumber;


CRYPT_DATA_BLOB structure containing a unique identifier of a public key.


CERT_NAME_BLOB structure containing the encoded distinguished name of the CA that issued the certificate.


CRYPT_INTEGER_BLOB structure containing the serial number of the certificate associated with the private key used to sign this certificate. For more details, see the CERT_INFO structure.

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