Registering the CSP

Windows Mobile 6.5
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The following registry entries register the cryptographic service provider (CSP) with the operating system (OS).

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\Security\Crypto\Defaults\Provider\CSP name]
    Image Path = REG_SZ: CSP DLL name
    Signature = REG_BINARY: digital signature
    Type = REG_DWORD: CSP Type

The CSP name entry must be the textual name of the CSP. If Microsoft has signed the CSP, this name must exactly match the CSP name that was specified in the Export Compliance Certificate (ECC).

The CSP DLL name entry must be set to the name of the CSP DLL. A fully qualified path, such as \Windows\Rsabase.dll, can also be specified here.

The CSP type entry is a DWORD value that corresponds to the CSP provider type.

The following example shows how to register a service provider with the OS.

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\Security\Crypto\Defaults\Provider\Microsoft Base Cryptographic Provider v1.0]
    Image Path = REG_SZ:rsabase.dll
    Signature = REG_BINARY:digital signature
    Type = REG_DWORD:0x1

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