Authentication Services

Windows Mobile 6.5
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Authentication services can be used by application developers to authenticate clients. Services supported include security services for user authentication, credential management, and message protection through a programming interface called the Security Support Provider Interface (SSPI).

Within SSPI, different security providers are available, such as the NTLM security support provider (SSP) and Kerberos SSP; each one contains different authentication and cryptographic schemes. Optionally, an OEM can write their own security package and add it to the registry for applications to use.

Authentication Services OS Design Development

Provides an overview of the modules and components that implement authentication services in Windows Mobile, and the sysgen variables that enable this functionality.

Authentication Services Application Development

Describes the SSPI architecture, and also provides information about the security packages supported in Windows Mobile.

Authentication Services Registry Settings

Describes the registry settings that are necessary to configure this functionality in your device.

Authentication Services Security

Provides security information about authentication services in Windows Mobile and best practices for implementation.

Authentication Services Migration

Provides information that you need to know to migrate this functionality from one version of Windows Mobile to another.

Authentication Services Samples

Provides examples that use the authentication services concepts and programming elements in applications.

Authentication Services Reference

Contains descriptions of the programming elements in authentication services.

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