Windows Mobile 6.5
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This method is implemented to perform any saving routines before the software-based input panel is hidden.

HRESULT Hiding(void); 

Return S_OK to indicate success. Return the appropriate HRESULT value to indicate failure.

This method is called by the system when the user toggles the visible state of the software-based input panel off. Programmatically, this occurs when the SIPF_ON flag is toggled off in the SIPINFO structure. Hiding the software-based input panel allows the user to see more of the current application. The software-based input panel is hidden upon return from this call. Use this method to save any data the input method (IM) needs to display when the software-based input panel becomes visible again. The data is used to reinitialize the software-based input panel and IM in the IInputMethod::Showing method.

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