Retrieving Information About Network Configuration

Windows Mobile 6.5
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IP Helper provides information about the network configuration of the local computer. To retrieve general configuration information, use the GetNetworkParams function. This function returns information that is not specific to a particular adapter or interface. For example, GetNetworkParams returns a list of the DNS servers that are used by the local computer.

Ensure that you know the size of the buffer to pass. See the code sample titled Obtaining the Buffer Size.

The following table describes each GetNetworkParams variable.

Value Description


Pointer to a FIXED_INFO structure that, on successful return, contains the network parameters for the local computer.


Pointer to a ULONG variable that specifies the size of the FIXED_INFO structure. If this size is insufficient to hold the information, GetNetworkParams fills in this variable with the required size, and returns an error code of ERROR_BUFFER_OVERFLOW.

If the function succeeds, the return value is ERROR_SUCCESS.

If the function fails, an error code is returned. For a complete list of error codes, see Error Values or the SDK header file WINERROR.H

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