IMemInputPin Interface

Windows Mobile 6.5
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This interface provides methods on an input pin to facilitate passing data and flush notifications from a connected output pin of an upstream filter.

Implement this interface on the input pin of every filter.

The CBaseInputPin class implements this interface.

A connected output pin uses this interface to retrieve an IMemAllocator interface, to pass media samples to the input pin, and to flush pending buffers downstream.

The following table shows the methods that appear in the Vtable beneath the standard COM methods inherited from IUnknown.

Method Description


Returns the allocator interface that this input pin proposes as the interface for the output pin to use.


Notifies the input pin as to which allocator the output pin is actually going to use.


Optional method to use if the filter has specific alignment or prefix requirements but could use an upstream allocator.


Receives the next block of data from the stream.


Receives the next block of data from the stream.

This method behaves similarly to the IMemInputPin::Receive method, but it works with multiple samples.


Determines if sending the IMemInputPin::Receive method might block.

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