Windows Mobile 6.5
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The IDirect3DMobileDevice interface is used to manipulate a Direct3D Mobile Device object. These objects represent a particular driver on the system. This interface contains most of the functionality of the API. This includes the ability to create every other object type, to set and retrieve the state of the given device's rendering pipeline, and to actually draw primitives and to display them to the user. IDirect3DMobileDevice is derived from IUnknown.

The IDirect3DMobileDevice GUID is: {7A4475F8-D4AF-4fd6-95D7-8C8526F37C66}.

You can obtain a pointer to an IDirect3DMobileDevice interface by calling the IDirect3DMobile::CreateDevice method.

LibraryD3dm.lib, D3dmguid.lib
Windows Embedded CEWindows CE 5.0 and later
Windows MobileWindows Mobile Version 5.0 and later

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