Windows Mobile 6.5
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These bit-flag constants describe the kinds of access rights or privileges an application with a call handle may have to the corresponding call.

The following table shows the LINECALLPRIVILEGE constants.

Value Description


The application has monitor privileges to the call. These privileges allow the application to monitor state changes and query information and status about the call.


The application has no privileges to the call. The application's handle is void and should not be used.


The application has owner privileges to the call. These privileges allow the application to manipulate the call in ways that affect the state of the call.

These constants cannot be extended. All 32 bits are reserved.

When a call handle is first provided to an application or whenever call privileges of that application are modified, the LINE_CALLSTATE message is sent to the application. When an application hands off a call, and if the receiving application does not already have a handle with owner privileges, then this message informs the application about its new privileges to the call.

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