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Windows Mobile 6.5
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The Settings key contains commands for configuring various modem settings. The following table shows the registry settings for the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\PCMCIA\CompanyX-GenericModem-1234\Unimodem\Settings key.

Value : type Description


Default setting is ATA<cr>. Answers an incoming call.


Default setting is 25. Specifies the time, in seconds, to allow the answer command to complete. If this key is not present or specified in the registry, 25 seconds is used.

You can also specify the AnswerTimeout key per device under the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\<device specific key path>\Unimodem\Settings key.

When the answer command is issued to the modem, a timer is started that launches the timeout process. If the modem does not respond successfully within the timeout period, the call is cancelled. If the modem responds successfully, the timer is cancelled.


Default setting is X4. Disables blind dialing.


Default setting is X3. Enables blind dialing.


Default setting is S7=<#>. Calls time-out register.


Default setting is 0. Specifies the number of milliseconds to delay between modem commands. Some modems cannot handle commands that are issued immediately after they have responded to a previous command. Maximum value is 500.


Default setting is 3. Specifies the number of times to retry direct cable connection.


Default setting is <$>. Specifies whether the modem supports the '$' wait for credit card prompt tone. A value of 0 indicates that this capability is not supported. If it is not supported, Unimodem will insert multiple commas to cause the modem to wait. If this registry value is not present, support for '$' is assumed.


Default setting is D. Specifies the prefix for any dial command.


Default setting is <;>. Extends a dialing string across multiple commands. Unimodem breaks long dial commands into approximately 40-character strings because many modems cannot handle longer commands. This suffix character is used to indicate to the modem that the dial sequence is continued in the next command.


Milliseconds to delay before issuing '+++'


Milliseconds to wait after issuing '+++'


Default setting is AT\Q3<cr>. Enables hardware flow control.


Default setting is AT\Q<cr>. Disables all flow control.


Default setting is AT\Q1<cr>. Enables software flow control.


Milliseconds to wait after issuing 'ATH'


Default setting is 250. Specifies the maximum command length.


Default setting is 0. Controls logging of modem commands and responses. If this value is set to 0, there is no logging. If this value is set to 1, all modem commands and responses are written to a log file named MdmlogN.txt where N is the line device identifier.


Default setting is ATS0=0<cr>. Listens for incoming calls.


Default setting is 1500. Specifies the size, in bytes, of the maximum transfer unit that PPP should use on this device.


Default setting is AT. Specifies the modem command prefix.


Default setting is P. Specifies the dial prefix that is used for pulse dialing, such as ATDP.


Default setting is ATZ<cr>. Resets modem.


Default setting is <cr>. Specifies the configuration command suffix; this key is added to the end of any command sequences that are sent to the modem by Unimodem.


Default setting is T. Specifies the dial prefix that is used for tone dialing, such as ATDT.

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