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Windows Mobile 6.5
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This interface provides a foundation for the IMLangFontLink interface and implements methods for working with code pages. This interface is not supported on all Windows Embedded CE-based operating systems. See the SDK documentation specific to your target device to see whether this functionality is supported.

The following table shows the methods for this interface in alphabetical order. Like all COM interfaces, this interface inherits the methods for the IUnknown interface.

Method Description


Retrieves the identifier value for a code page in the given set of code pages.


Translates the given code page identifier value into the corresponding entry in a set of code pages.


Retrieves the set of code pages to which the given Unicode character belongs.


Retrieves the set of code pages to which the Unicode characters in the given string belong.

This interface defines a set of code pages and implements a number of methods for working with those code pages. This interface contains methods to translate between individual code page identifier values and sets of code pages. It also provides methods that determine which code pages contain a given Unicode character or string. Every method for the IMLangCodePages interface is available through the IMLangFontLink interface because the IMLangFontLink interface inherits from the IMLangCodePages interface.

A set of code pages is a crucial concept to the IMLangCodePages interface. A DWORD is used to represent a set of code pages, and each bit in the DWORD represents a specific code page.

Headermlang.h, mlang.idl
Windows Embedded CEWindows CE .NET 4.0 and later
Windows MobileWindows Mobile Version 5.0 and later

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