LASS OS Design Development

Windows Mobile 6.5
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Security services include the Local Authentication Subsystem (LASS). LASS provides the infrastructure that supports application-independent user authentication, consistent authentication regardless of the local authentication plugin (LAP) that is used, and policy-based authentication using authentication events (AEs).

Local Authentication Plugin (LAP)

Defines a local authentication plugin (LAP) and its use by LASS.

Creating a LAP

Provides information that is necessary to create a custom LAP.

LASS Application Development

Provides specific instructions for the developer of an application that uses LASS.

LASS Security

Provides security information and best practices for LASS.

LASS Registry Settings

Defines LASS and LAP registry settings.

LASS Samples

Describes LASS and LAP samples.

LASS Reference

Describes the LASS application programming interface (API) components, including the functions exported by a LAP.

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