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Windows Mobile 6.5
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This function retrieves the domains and cookie settings of Web sites for which site-specific cookie regulations are set.

BOOL InternetEnumPerSiteCookieDecisionW(
  LPSTR pszSiteName,
  unsigned long *pcSiteNameSize,
  unsigned long *pdwDecision,
  unsigned long dwIndex


[out] LPSTR that receives a string specifying a Web site domain.


[in, out] Pointer to an unsigned long that specifies the size of the pcSiteNameSize parameter provided to the InternetEnumPerSiteCookieDecisionW function when it is called. When InternetEnumPerSiteCookieDecisionW returns, pcSiteNameSize receives the actual length of the domain string returned in pszSiteName.


[out] Pointer to an unsigned long that receives the InternetCookieState enumeration value corresponding to pszSiteName.


[in] unsigned long that specifies the index of the Web site and corresponding cookie setting to retrieve.

Returns TRUE if the function retrieved the cookie setting for the given domain and FALSE otherwise.

InternetEnumPerSiteCookieDecisionW should be initially called with dwIndex equal to 0. To step through the list of Web sites and cookie settings, increment the dwIndex parameter. The end of the list is reached when this function returns FALSE and returns the WinInet error, ERROR_NO_MORE_ITEMS.

Use this function for the ANSI implementation. If you call the Unicode implementation, use the InternetEnumPerSiteCookieDecisionA.

Windows Embedded CEWindows CE 5.0 and later
Windows MobileWindows Mobile Version 5.0 and later

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