Internet Explorer Multiple-Language API Application Development

Windows Mobile 6.5
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The global scope of the Internet poses a variety of international and multilingual challenges for Web developers.

The Windows Mobile operating system offers Multiple Language (Mlang) support of varying degrees of functionality. The minimal implementation provides applications with the IMultiLanguage interface. Charset and encoding information are located in the resource file, rather than in the system registry. A more full-featured implementation supports all of the MLang interfaces. Charset and encoding information can be located either in the resource file or the system registry. For information about the level of MLang support in your run-time image, see the SDK documentation specific to the functionality added to your OS design.

The MLang API topics provide an overview of MLang functionality and its objects, interfaces, and methods. Knowledge of Component Object Model (COM) programming is assumed.

Obtaining MIME Information

Provides information about code page, locale, and character set information retrieval.

About Character Sets

Provides definitions of terms pertaining to character sets.

Code Page Detection

Describes the code page, locale, and string detection methods.

Enumerating Code Pages and Locales

Provides information about methods that can be used to enumerate code page and locale from the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) database.

Conversion Between Character Sets

Describes methods that perform code page, string, and character set conversions.

Font Linking

Provides information about font linking to merge characters from different character sets.

Locale-based Text and Line Breaking

Describes how to implement locale-aware text and line breaking for console applications.

Mapping Code Pages to Script IDs

Describes Script IDs and how these IDs are mapped to code pages.

About the IMultilanguage Interfaces

Provides information about current and past versions of the Multiple-Language API.

Internet Protocols

Provides information about the Internet protocols used by the MLang API.

Internet Explorer Multiple-Language API

Provides information about multiple language support in Windows Mobile browser applications.

Internet Explorer Multiple-Language API Registry Settings

Provides information about the registry settings that enable and configure Multiple-Language API functionalities in your OS design.