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Telnet Server

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Windows Mobile Not SupportedWindows Embedded CE Supported

The Telnet Server functionality in Windows Embedded CE provides a sample Telnet server can be installed on a device to allow remote administration through a standard Telnet client. Using the Telnet sample, the current device can be manipulated as if it is running the command prompt on the device itself.

Telnet Server OS Design Development

Provides information about Telnet Server support that is helpful when designing and developing a Windows Embedded CE OS. This includes dependency information, the modules and components that implement Telnet Server, and Telnet Server implementation considerations.

Telnet Server Application Development

Provides detailed information about the Telnet Server implementation in Windows Embedded CE. Includes a description of Telnet Server users lists and Telnet Server input options.

Telnet Server Registry Settings

Provides a list of the configurable registry settings for Telnet Server.

Telnet Server Security

Provides security information for Telnet Server and security best practices.

Telnet Server Migration

Provides information that is important to know if you are migrating from one version of Windows Embedded CE to another.

Telnet Server Samples

Provides sample-related information for Telnet Server.


Provides a list of the servers and services that are supported in Windows Embedded CE.

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