RIL Call Overview

Windows Mobile 6.5
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A cellular telephony service provider (TSP) can use the RIL to make inbound and outbound voice calls, as well as Remote Access Service (RAS) calls. The following section provides examples of the most typical call scenarios.

The topics in this section contain references to Telephony API (TAPI) functions. For more information about these functions, see "TAPI Reference" at TAPI Reference.

RIL Outgoing Voice Call Process

Describes steps required to make an outbound voice call.

RIL Incoming Voice Call Receiving Process

Describes steps required to make an inbound voice call.

RIL Voice Call Disconnecting Process

Describes steps required to hang up a RIL voice call or to use remote disconnect.

Making a RAS Call by Using RIL

Describes steps required to use RIL when making a RAS call.

Radio Interface Layer

Describes the Radio Interface Layer (RIL) that handles the communication between the CellCore system software and the radio hardware.

RIL Application Development

Provides conceptual information about RIL itself and RIL application development scenarios.

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