Windows Mobile 6.5
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This structure specifies a collection of dialing-related fields. Call the lineSetCallParams function or the TSPI_lineSetCallParams function to set parameters for a call using the LINEDIALPARAMS structure.

typedef struct linedialparams_tag {
  DWORD dwDialPause; 
  DWORD dwDialSpeed; 
  DWORD dwDigitDuration; 
  DWORD dwWaitForDialtone; 


Duration, in milliseconds, of a comma in the dialable address.


Interdigit time period, in milliseconds, between successive digits.


Duration, in milliseconds, of a digit.


Maximum amount of time to wait for a dial tone when a 'W' is used in the dialable address.

This structure may not be extended.

When a value of zero is specified for a field, the default value for that field is used. If a nonzero value is specified for a field that is outside the range specified by the corresponding fields in MinDialParams and MaxDialParams in the LINEDEVCAPS structure, the nearest value within the valid range is used instead.

The lineMakeCall function allows an application to adjust the dialing parameters to be used for the call. The lineSetCallParams function can be used to adjust the dialing parameters of an existing call. The LINECALLINFO structure lists the call's current dialing parameters.

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