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Telephony consists of a number of standard APIs used to handle telephony connections between devices. TAPI (Telephony API), Extended TAPI (ExTAPI), Telephony Service Provider (TSP) and Assisted TAPI are exposed by telephony specific components in CellCore.

TAPI is based on a subset of TAPI 2.0 features such as Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and Dialing. ExTAPI is architecturally identical to TAPI and it extends the API set to include wireless related features such as Call Barring, HSCSD options and Operator Selection. ExTAPI calls are implemented using the lineDevSpecific TAPI function. TAPI uses the TSP interface (TSPI) to control the underlying TSPs.

Assisted TAPI is a useful component for voice calls, and it implements the tapiRequestMakeCall. This component is useful since it is otherwise a complicated operation to establish a simple voice call.

Assisted TAPI

Provides information about how applications can make telephone calls without requiring the details of the services of the full Telephony API.

Extended TAPI

Provides information about APIs that extend the wireless functionality to include such things as asking for signal strength, and choosing the cellular network.

Telephony Service Provider (TSP) API

Provides information about the TSP API which is used by TAPI to control TSPs.

Telephony API

Provides information about TAPI that is a set of APIs that simplify and abstract the details of making telephony connections between two or more devices.

Phone API Properties

Provides information on the phone APIs.

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