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This method determines the top-level behavior of the application.

HRESULT SetCooperativeLevel(
  HWND hWnd, 
  DWORD dwFlags


Window handle used for the application. Set to the calling application's top-level window handle (not a handle for any child windows created by the top-level window). This parameter can be NULL when the DDSCL_NORMAL flag is specified in the dwFlags parameter.


The following table shows the possible flags.

Flag Description


Indicates that the exclusive-mode owner will be responsible for the entire primary surface. GDI can be ignored.

This flag must be used with the DDSCL_EXCLUSIVE flag.


Indicates that the application will function as a regular Windows application.

This flag cannot be used with the DDSCL_ALLOWMODEX, DDSCL_EXCLUSIVE, or DDSCL_FULLSCREEN flags.

The current Windows Embedded CE implementation allows for processes with NORMAL level to access DirectDraw resources when there is a process in full-screen exclusive mode.

Processes in NORMAL mode can access primary surfaces but are restricted with regard to flipping, creating complex primaries, and setting display modes.

A process may go into full-screen exclusive mode if no other process is in exclusive mode, regardless of whether processes are running at a NORMAL level of cooperation.

If the method succeeds, the return value is DD_OK.

If the method fails, the return value may be one of the following error values:





For more information on these error codes see DirectDraw Return Values.

This method must be called by the same thread that created the application window.

Interaction between this method and the IDirectDraw::SetDisplayMode method differs from their IDirectDraw counterparts.

Developers using Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) should keep in mind that the window handle passed to this method should identify the application's top-level window, not a derived child window.

To retrieve your MFC application's top level window handle, use the following code.

    HWND hwndTop = AfxGetMainWnd()->GetSafeHwnd();

An example showing the use of this function can be found in the topic How to use DirectDraw.

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