Windows Mobile 6.5
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This function requests that the OS signal a change notification handle the next time it detects an appropriate change.

BOOL FindNextChangeNotification(
  HANDLE hChangeHandle


[in] Handle to a change notification handle created by the FindFirstChangeNotification function.

Nonzero indicates success. Zero indicates failure. To get extended error information, call GetLastError.

After this function returns successfully, the application can wait for notification that a change has occurred by using the wait functions.

If a change occurs after a call to FindFirstChangeNotification but before a call to this function, the OS records the change. When this function runs, the recorded change immediately satisfies a wait for the change notification.

Do not use this function more than once on the same handle without using one of the wait functions. An application can miss a change notification if it uses this function when there is a change request outstanding.

When you no longer need hChangeHandle, close it by using the FindCloseChangeNotification function.

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