JScript Application Development

Windows Mobile 6.5
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Microsoft® JScript® 5.5 is a general-purpose, object-based scripting language that is based on the ECMA 262 language specification (ECMAScript Edition 3). With a few exceptions, to maintain backwards compatibility, JScript is a full implementation of the ECMA standard.

JScript will be familiar to anyone who uses C, C++, or the Java programming language.

Internet Explorer Mobile 6 provides the host for JScript interpretation; however, you can use JScript in any application that is capable of hosting Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript).

Detailed documentation on using JScript, including a language reference, tutorials, and samples, is available at this Microsoft Web site.

Information on the ECMA 262 language specification is available at the ECMA Web site.

JScript Support in Windows Mobile

Describes the JScript implementation for Windows Embedded CE and Windows Mobile.

Adding JScript Code to an HTML Page

Provides information about how to add JScript code to an HTML page.

Additional Resources for JScript Developers

Lists resources where you can find more information about JScript.

JScript OS Design Development

Provides information about the components and modules that implement JScript functionalities, and Sysgen variables that enable these functionalities.


Provides information about JScript support in Windows Mobile.