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This structure contains the value of an option.

typedef struct {
  DWORD dwOption;
  union {
    DWORD dwValue;
    LPTSTR pszValue;
    FILETIME ftValue;
  } Value;


Unsigned long integer value that contains the option to be queried or set. The following table shows the possible values. This parameter can be one of these values.

Value Description


Sets or retrieves the connection type. The Value parameter will contain one or more of the following values:

PROXY_TYPE_DIRECT The connection does not use a proxy server.

PROXY_TYPE_PROXY The connection uses an explicitly set proxy server.

PROXY_TYPE_AUTO_PROXY_URL The connection downloads and processes an automatic configuration script at a specified URL.

PROXY_TYPE_AUTO_DETECT The connection automatically detects settings.


Sets or retrieves a string containing the URLs that do not use the proxy server.


Sets or retrieves a string containing the proxy servers.

For queries that return strings, InternetQueryOption allocates the memory for the pszValue member of the structure. When the calling application has finished using the string, it must free this memory by calling LocalFree.

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