Migrating a BSP to Windows Embedded CE 6.0

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A board support package (BSP) is software that implements and supports an operating system (OS) on a standard development board (SDB). It typically consists of a boot loader, OEM adaptation layer (OAL), device drivers, and run-time image configuration files. For more information, see Developing a Board Support Package.

This section provides links to the BSP migration information for Windows Embedded CE 6.0 and other related migration information.

BSP Migration Guide

Provides an overview of the BSP changes and information on how OEMs can migrate their BSPs to CE 6.0.

BSP Migration Reference

Provides links to the BSP programming elements.

Device Information IOCTL Unification

Provides information on new SPI_* code functionality in IOCTL_HAL_GET_DEVICE_INFO. Previously, the mechanisms for retrieving device information were spread across multiple IOCTLs. In CE 6.0, IOCTL_HAL_GET_DEVICEID and IOCTL_HAL_GET_UUID are deprecated.

Kernel Migration

Provides links to kernel migration concepts and issues.

Paging Pool: Windows CE 5.0 vs. Windows Embedded CE 6.0

Provides information on changes to the paging pool. In CE 6.0, cbNKPagingPoolSize is deprecated. To control the paging pool, you should implement the OAL IOCTL IOCTL_HAL_GET_POOL_PARAMETERS. If the OAL does not implement this IOCTL, the kernel will choose suitable default values for the paging pool.

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