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This function installs a name-space provider. For providers that are able to support multiple names spaces, this function must be called once for every name space supported, and a unique provider identifier must be supplied each time.

int WSCInstallNameSpace(
  LPWSTR lpszIdentifier,
  LPWSTR lpszPathName,
  DWORD dwNameSpace,
  DWORD dwVersion,
  LPGUID lpProviderId 


[in] Pointer to a string that identifies the provider for use in the GUID.


[in] Pointer to a string that contains the path to the provider's DLL image. The string observes the usual rules for path resolution, which is that this path can contain embedded environment strings (such as %SystemRoot%). Such environment strings are expanded whenever the ws2.dll needs to subsequently load the provider DLL on behalf of an application. After any embedded environment strings are expanded, the ws2.dll passes the resulting string into the LoadLibrary function to load the provider into memory. For more information, see LoadLibrary.


[in] Descriptor that specifies the name space supported by this provider.


[in] Descriptor that specifies the version number of the provider.


[in] Unique identifier for this provider. This GUID should be generated by Uuidgen.exe.

If no error occurs, the WSCInstallNameSpace function returns NO_ERROR (zero). Otherwise, it returns SOCKET_ERROR if the function fails, and it must set the appropriate error code using SetLastError.

The following table shows the possible error code.

Error value Description


Calling routine does not have sufficient privileges to install a name space.


Caller application is not privileged.

The functions that configure a name space do not affect applications that are already running. Newly installed name-space providers will not be visible to applications nor will the changes in a name-space provider's activation state. Applications launched after the call to this function will see the changes.

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