TCP/IP Protocol Suite

Windows Mobile 6.5
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The Microsoft TCP/IP protocol suite is comprised of core protocol elements, services, and the interfaces between them. The Network Driver Interface (NDIS) is a public interface. Specifications and programming information are included in the Windows Embedded CE driver documentation. Some information is also available from this Microsoft Web site and In addition, there are a number of higher-level interfaces available to applications. The most commonly used is Windows Sockets.

The International Organization for Standardization Open Systems Interconnection (ISO/OSI) model network layer, sometimes called the Internet layer, defines and handles the routing of datagrams. A datagram is a self-contained, independent packet, carrying sufficient data to be routed from source to destination without relying on exchanges between the source and destination computer and the transporting network. TCP/IP protocols residing in the network layer are: the Internet Protocol (IP), the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP), the Internet Group Membership Protocol (IGMP), and the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP).

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