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This structure describes the current status of an address. The lineGetAddressStatus function and the TSPI_lineGetAddressStatus function return the LINEADDRESSSTATUS structure.

typedef struct lineaddressstatus_tag {
  DWORD dwTotalSize;
  DWORD dwNeededSize;
  DWORD dwUsedSize;
  DWORD dwNumInUse;
  DWORD dwNumActiveCalls;
  DWORD dwNumOnHoldCalls;
  DWORD dwNumOnHoldPendCalls;
  DWORD dwAddressFeatures;
  DWORD dwNumRingsNoAnswer;
  DWORD dwForwardNumEntries;
  DWORD dwForwardSize;
  DWORD dwForwardOffset;
  DWORD dwTerminalModesSize;
  DWORD dwTerminalModesOffset;
  DWORD dwDevSpecificSize;
  DWORD dwDevSpecificOffset;


Total size allocated to this data structure, in bytes.


Size for this data structure that is needed to hold all the returned information, in bytes.


Size of the portion of this data structure that contains useful information, in bytes.


Number of stations that are currently using the address.


Number of calls on the address that are in call states other than idle, onhold, onholdpendingtransfer, and onholdpendingconference.


Number of calls on the address in the onhold state.


Number of calls on the address in the onholdpendingtransfer or onholdpendingconference state.


Address-related functions that can be invoked on the address in its current state. This member uses one or more of the LINEADDRFEATURE.


Number of rings set for this address before an unanswered call is considered as no answer.


Number of entries in the array referred to by the dwForwardSize and dwForwardOffset members.


Size of the forwarding information array, in bytes.


Offset from the beginning of the structure to the variably sized field that describes the address's forwarding information. This information is an array of dwForwardNumEntries elements, of type LINEFORWARD. The offsets of the addresses in the array are relative to the beginning of the LINEADDRESSSTATUS structure. The offsets dwCallerAddressOffset and dwDestAddressOffset in the variably sized field of type LINEFORWARD pointed to by dwForwardOffset are relative to the beginning of the LINEADDRESSSTATUS data structure (the "root" container). The size of the array is specified by the dwForwardSize member.


Size of the terminal modes array, in bytes.


Offset from the beginning of the structure to the variably sized device field containing an array with DWORD-sized entries, that use one or more of the LINETERMMODE. This array is indexed by terminal identifiers, in the range from zero to one less than the dwNumTerminals member. Each entry in the array specifies the current terminal modes for the corresponding terminal set with the lineSetTerminal function for this address. The size of the array is specified by the dwTerminalModesSize member.


Size of the device-specific field, in bytes.


Offset from the beginning of this structure to the variably sized device-specific field. The size of the field is specified by dwDevSpecificSize.

Device-specific extensions should use the DevSpecific (dwDevSpecificSize and dwDevSpecificOffset) variably sized area of this data structure.

This data structure is returned by lineGetAddressStatus. When items in this data structure change as a consequence of activities on the address, a LINE_ADDRESSSTATE message is sent to the application. A parameter to this message is the address state, one of the LINEADDRESSSTATE constants, which indicates that the status item in this record changed.

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