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CeCloseHandle (RAPI)

Windows Mobile 6.5
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This function closes an open object handle that was created using RAPI functions.

BOOL CeCloseHandle( 
  HANDLE hObject 


Handle to an open object.

Nonzero indicates success. Zero indicates failure. To get extended error information, call CeGetLastError and CeRapiGetError.

The CeCloseHandle function closes handles to the following objects.

  • Communications device
  • Database
  • Event
  • File
  • Mutex
  • Process
  • Socket
  • Thread

CeCloseHandle invalidates the specified object handle, decrements the object's handle count, and performs object retention checks. After the last handle to an object is closed, the object is removed from the system.

Closing a thread handle does not terminate the associated thread. To remove a thread object, you must terminate the thread, and then close all handles to the thread.

Use CeCloseHandle to close handles returned by calls to the CeCreateFile function. Use CeFindClose to close handles returned by calls to the CeFindFirstFile function.

Windows Embedded CEWindows CE 3.0 and later
Windows MobilePocket PC 2000 and later, Smartphone 2002 and later

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