Monitoring Stream Status and Network Reception

Windows Mobile 6.5
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The Windows Media Player control can provide you with advanced information about the performance of the media playback.

Some of this information can be used for proper operation of the Windows Media Player control in scripts, while other information allows you to monitor the network reception rates for the media file.

For example, when creating a script to operate the Play function of the Windows Media Player control, you would want to use the PlayState property to determine whether the Windows Media Player control was already playing a media file.

The example that follows shows a script that starts the Windows Media Player control only if it is not currently playing a file (for example, PlayState != 2).

function onPlay()

You could also notify users of any buffering that the Windows Media Player control is doing with the current file, updating the buffering progress on the web page while they are waiting for the playback to begin.

Stream status properties include the following:

Supported events include the following:

Network reception properties include the following:

Attributes for monitoring buffering include the following:

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