Windows Mobile 6.5
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This enumeration defines values that are used with the FindFirstFileEx function to specify the type of filtering to perform.

typedef enum _FINDEX_SEARCH_OPS { 


File that matches the specified file name. The lpSearchFilter parameter of FindFirstFileEx must be set to NULL when this search operation is used.


Device names only are returned. The dwAdditionalFlags parameter of FindFirstFileEx cannot be set to FIND_FIRST_EX_CASE_SENSITIVE when this search operation is used.


If the file system supports directory filtering, the function searches for a directory with the specified name. If the file system does not support directory filtering, this flag is silently ignored. This is an advisory flag.

When the FindExSearchLimitToDirectories search operation is used, the lpSearchFilter parameter of FindFirstFileEx must be set to NULL. If you want directory filtering, use this flag on all file systems, but be sure to examine the file attribute data stored in the *lpFindFileData parameter of FindFirstFileEx to determine whether the function has indeed returned a handle to a directory.

When the FindExSearchLimitToDevices search operation is used, you can pass in a filter pattern, but either pass in no path, for example, L"c*" to get all devices starting with a c, or a rooted path, for example, L"\\c*".

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